• Ash

Thoughts on competition

I have always felt in two minds about art competitions. I've never thought of myself as competitive, don't get me started on how terrible I am at sport....

However the other day I read a quote and I am sorry I am unsure of the name of the author however it read a little like this...

"I am only in competition with one person MYSELF. The only person I want to be better than is the person I was yesterday"

For me this quote couldn't be more true it turns out I have always been fiercely competitive I just didn't realise it, I was just competing with myself. I have always had the desire to improve and be the best I can be.

And you know what I think the key part there to not lose sight of is

"being the best I can be" not the best there is, not the best my family member can be, not the best the person down the street can be. We each have our own set of unique qualities, skills, life experiences, challenges and schedules.

So if there is something that you are working towards and to all my amazing art class attendees... If you can look back at where your journey began and you can think of something you have learned or you can see progress no matter how small in what you do.

Then I think you should be proud because to me that is the sort of competition that is worth winning :)