• Ash

Art... when words are not enough

Its now been a little over three years since I started drawing regularly again, I used to draw alot when I was little, however it took a back seat when I started working as a designer. A little over three years ago my grandfather became unwell, at the time I remember feeling so overwhelmed with emotions... so I drew, at first just pen and ink drawings sometimes they were just patterns but it helped to distract my mind. When he passed away and for the longest time following I could not really talk about it. I kept drawing and it helped, the process of drawing took my mind someplace more peaceful. A year passed and I decided I wanted to try and draw his portrait, I was starting to feel scared that I would forget him and I struggled to talk about it. The process of drawing a portrait in colour pencil takes time... a lot of time. So it turned out for me at least to be a good way to process my emotions. Just as the layers of pencil can not be separated from the portrait, I started to realise that the layers of memories help to make me who I am. So now when I look at the portrait even though it may not look exactly like him, I am reminded of all those memories. I am reminded that no matter how many years pass he will always be a part of my life. Art to me is not just an activity, it is something I do to relax, something I do because it brings me joy, and sometimes it is something I do when words are not enough.