• Ash

It's all in the detail...

I have always been drawn to detail.

When I studied graphic design it did help me with the whole "less is more" concept but part of me always wanted to return to fine detailed work. So I always felt extra excited when a design required some detailed illustrative work.

I dabble a little with photography, my main love being macro. I love finding beauty in tiny things. Discovering the beauty in intricacies hidden away until you look closer. Like the patterns on rocks, the veins in leaves and the individual petals of a flower.

I like older homes with their decorative pressed tin, intricate ceiling roses, wrought iron fences and wallpaper. To me they always look as though they have so much character so much personality.

So when I started drawing fur I felt like I finally found something that suited me perfectly. Drawing each little strand of fur with my pencil is something that I truly love to do. Quite a few hours go in to the portraits I create :)

Apart from their fur, there is no end to the amount of detail that can be found when you look closely at our furry friends. Their beautiful eyes contain so many colours, reflections (of sometimes the sky and clouds) and sometimes silhouettes of their human companions. Their wet noses consisting of tiny ridges and valleys that reflect the light. Each tiny detail tells a story and helps me to capture the personality of the subject I am drawing.

Having a good reference photo to work from is super important. The more detail in your photo the better portrait I can create. After all, it is all in the detail...



If you would like more information about getting a portrait of your furry friend please click here.

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