• Ash

Pet memorial portraits

Capturing memories of our furry friends is something that I feel very privileged to have the opportunity do. It is wonderful to have a job that I love.

I grew up surrounded by animals and understand that the bond they have with their human companions can be incredibly strong. I am inspired by this bond and by the joy and comfort they bring to our lives.

I have always loved drawing animals I like the chance to study them and discover their individual characteristics.

When I was younger I used to draw sketches of my pets when they passed away. It was my way of remembering them. Perhaps it was also my way of processing grief and celebrating their lives.

I love trying to capture their personalities, each one is so unique.

A wonderful part of creating pet portraits is having the opportunity to hear some of their stories and to watch as their human companions faces light up as they talk about their furry friends.

The portrait featured with this post is Frank who had beautiful eyes, loved to lay in the sun on his blanket, shared my birthday and was a part of our family :)


P.S. if you would like me to help you capture a memory of you furry friend click here

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