Colour Pencil and Pan Pastel

10.30-12.30, Sunday 18th April 2021 (Native Flower Theme) $40

10.30-12.30, Sunday 16th May 2021 (Bird Theme) $40

Please note these classes are for adults.
Bookings by phone or email confirmation are essential.
Ph: 0497 582 630 or Email:

Classes are held at Bevs Cross Crafts Spreyton Tasmania.

In these classes you will have the opportunity to draw with colour pencils on a textured surface. We will be practicing layering and blending colours, as well as practicing different types of pencil strokes to achieve different effects.


These classes are theme based, you can bring your own reference photo (must be one you have taken yourself) or you can use the one I provide. In each class we will complete 1 technique practice activity based on the subject, then I will assist you to work on your individual projects. You can choose to trace or draw the outline of the subject in your reference photo.

Requirements List:

an eraser, ruler, pencil sharpener, Scotch Magic tape, baking paper and colour pencils at least a set of 24.

Phone: 0497 582 630

Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia